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Yoga poses & the benefits it bring to children

At inK Learning, we practice Inclusive Yoga for Kids twice a week.  Yoga is adapted for kids to make it fun and engaging. There are many poses that kids can learn which will help them with strength, balance and concentration.

Listed below are six poses that can be practised by kids.

  1. Cat and Cow Pose: Cat Pose provides a gentle massage to the spine and belly. Cow Pose is often combined with Cat Pose in a flowing vinyasa. The children will inhale in Cow Pose and exhale in Cat pose. Doing the poses in this way really helps to stretch the spine and make the body more supple.
  2. Tree Pose: This is an excellent pose to teach children to balance on one leg. It helps with inner strength and focus.  Children can learn to stand proud and tall as they learn to balance on one leg while pressing the sole of their other foot into their standing leg. This takes a great deal of strength and determination. Children will feel proud of their accomplishment once they perfect this pose.
  3. Airplane Pose: This is another challenging pose that is great for continuing to practise balancing. This pose is done by balancing on one leg, kicking the other leg behind them and extending both arms, like the wings of an airplane. The kids must engage their muscles to steady the airplane. Children continue to grow more confident as they are able to stay longer while balancing on one leg.
  4. Boat Pose: Boat Pose engages the abdomen, spine and hip flexors. It is an excellent pose for building strength in the core of the body. It also stimulates the abdominal organs and improves digestion.
  5. Corpse Pose (Final Relaxing Pose): This pose is done as our final pose after practicing yoga. It relaxes the whole body, releases stress, improves concentration, relaxes all of the muscles, and calms the mind. A relaxing song is also played in the background so that children can lie down and totally relax on their mats after finishing class.
  6. Seesaw Pose (Partner Pose): Seesaw Pose is one of the partner poses that we do in yoga class. This gives children the chance to work together and build trust and friendship with others. The pose is done by two children facing each other with their legs stretched out and holding hands to stretch each other back and forth. This is an excellent pose for stretching the arms, shoulders, back and hamstrings.
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