Testimonials – inK Learning


Adrian AinParent
This is my son (2 yr old)’s VERY first school. He has been going there since he was about 16 months. He really enjoys his toddler play group classes. This school is clean and spacious. We love the fact that the school doesn’t have too many students and the teachers get to know each student very well. Teachers are very friendly, active and very interested in getting to know each individual student. Teachers communicate very well regarding their students. They also provide speech therapy classes which my son has been benefiting from. Unfortunately, we are moving overseas soon and we’ll be missing this school very much.
Lisa BaiParent
Amit MalhotraParent
Teachers at inK Learning are fantastic. They all are very accomodative and good at handling kids with food allergies. We have been at ease to know that he is in safe hands. The learning aspect at school is good too and you can really see your kids enjoying and picking up every bit of what is taught in the classroom.
Alice Manca FarragParent
My daughter joined the school when she was 18 months. She has grown so much and learned a lot through the years (she is now 4). The teachers are very attentive and helped my girl to show her true potential, as she is a very active girl. They teached her how to control her emotions in a gentle way. As we are European/Australian, I am impressed on how now my girl can understand and speak Chinese, thanks to the dearest chinese teacher, as well as proper English thanks to the mother tongue English teacher. I am so grateful for choosing this school for my girl, they have a lot of art activities and proper rules set for the kids to help them be patient and educated, but all through playing. The principal is the kindest lady, which is always prompt to deliver the best service. Maya is lucky to be part of the school. Thank you!!
Yokhan Juta NeoParent
My son has made a great progress in his Chinese. He’s doing much better in school and been getting excellent results for 听写, all thanks to Qiu Xue Lao Shi at Ink Learning!
Catherine P.E.Parent
If you’re looking for a preschool with child development, small ratio of students, can tailor school program depending on your child’s need and budget concern, inK Learning is the answer. I highly recommend this school. Before, I enrolled my child to a preschool with 33 students for 1 yr (yes it so big that students cannot concentrate), she is shy, has short attention span, prefers to talk to adults only, cannot express herself and because of these some factors, it resulted to some delays in learning. She was assessed in inK Learning and provided program for her to catch up. In just 2 months, we’ve seen significant improvements, she can talk with substance and we’re able to finish her homework which we never done before. Now she’s been there for 7 months and we’re amazed on her achievements and she started to catch up. She can even speak chinese and can seat longer in the class. She has no interest in chinese before in her previous schools, she doesn’t listen and just roam around the classroom. Now she even ask ed me to play chinese songs at home and her teacher informed me she also participates in chinese poetry wow! Super thanks to Teacher Jaslin who helped and supported us in our journey. She instilled in us that students learning is their top priority. Many thanks as well to the teachers (Lao shu, Furla , Lala and Christy) and specialists ( Teacher Lorelle and Teacher Beckie) for the patience and dedication. They worked as a team in order to cater the individual needs of their students. I salute you all!!!
Cambirlyn GawParent
Had met Lorelle, ink Learning’s Principal Speech-Language Pathologist last Sat. In a short 1hr session with Courtney, She had pointed out alot about Courtney. Some we knew, some we don’t.. Some we knew but don’t know what was that and thought normal. She’d connected all the Dots. She’d detected that Courtney has Paradoxical Breathing which no doctors or specialist has actually diagnosed her of it before. This is the thing we knew something was not right but we didn’t know what that was. She said that Courtney’s body and brain is very different from us, once she gets stressed up, she will have imaginary pain which brain sends signals to those part of her body and these pains are real to her.. But if we were to bring her for body check, nothing will come out.. Doc will say she’s fine.. Nothing wrong w her. . . The more stressed up she gets.. The more she’ll get these pains which to us parents are like “xiao geng” and doubted her. Her body is not synchronised as her breathing is short and she’s always short of oxygen. So this may also be the cause of all her problems…Asthma.. Recurrent syncope.. anxiety complex… Weird body pain.. All these problems had made daily routine uncomfortable and stressful as her body has alot more to handle than other normal kids. This too explains her low threshold of pain and spiciness etc. After the assessment, Lorelle taught Courtney breathing techniques to help her correct her breathing hoping by breathing well, all her other symptoms can be minimised. In such a short session, I m amazed by how much Lorelle had found out and now all Courtney’s weird behaviors and pain which didn’t make sense to us before now made complete sense!!! Not a single Doctor or specialist we’ve seen all these yrs has ever came out with such a detailed diagnosis on Courtney…really glad Courtney has had this assessment with Lorelle to let us understand her more and realised how hard she’d been trying to cope all these yrs without our understanding. Thanks so much Lorelle!!
Daniel HuangParent
My child has been studying at this school since N2. The teachers in the school are great and very responsible towards the children. The principal is also very good. My child’s Mandarin made tremendous improvement, thanks to Teacher Qiuxue. Also, like to thank the Speech and Drama Teacher for her guidance, my child’s personality is cheerful and proactive.
Kuan ChingParent
Our son Josh with moderate ASD was placed under Teacher Beckie for Early Intervention last year. He attended a mainstream school this year with feedback from his Shadow Teacher and school Teacher that he actually exhibit good on-sit behaviour, able to follow simple instructions and ability to navigate his school at ease. During his training with Teacher Beckie, she works with him on his classroom learning requirements, on-sit behaviour, academic skills and shadow him in his mainstream preschool setting to guide him on the required classroom behaviour. We would like to thank Teacher Beckie as her training helps our son settled into mainstream school environment faster.
Andy KhoParent
My girl’s attending early intervention in inK Learning with Tr Beckie, she allow her time and space to experience and sort things out by herself with gentle guidance along the way. My girl enjoys each and every time of her lesson. Thanks u so much Tr Beckie!
Evelyn LohParent
My daughter has been seeing Teacher Lorelle for 2 months now and we have seen a remarkable improvement so far. Her schools teachers have remarked that her speech is clearer and they can make out what she is trying to communicate with them. There is also improvement in her concentration in class. She is able to pay attenting for a longer period of time. The exercises that Lorelle has been working with her has improved her pencil gripe, writing and coloring skills. My daughter enjoys her therapy sessions and we are really happy to see the improvement.
Lee VivianParent
Brought my girl to the centre to see Lorelle. She was a great and experience Pathologists. She was very friendly and easy to get along with. This was why my girl felt so relief after chatting with her for an hour. Lorelle told me more about my girl and guided me how to handle her. Very much appreciated Lorelle’s help and my friend who introduced me to inK Learning.
Jonathan OngParent
We placed our son 7 years who was deferred for a year for Primary One due to ASD diagnosis and weak language ability with Ms Lorelle Ng at inK Learning for functional training. Ms Lorelle told us that his is not typical ASD case, we will see improvement with regular functional training. She is also the only one that can tell us that our son has motor planning issues therefore will require functional training targeting this area in order for speech to flow. This is contrary to the advise that we had previously by other center that told us that our son can speak but choose not to, majority of ASD children will have this issue according to them. After meeting Ms Lorelle, we then understand that it is not that he choose not to speak but speech can’t flow due to him having motor planning issues. After more than 3 months of training, we see great improvement in him. He starts to have lesser melt down due to his improved ability to communicate, calmer, understand instruction better, speak in context more frequently. In essence, our son starts to walk out of his own World and come into our World. We like Ms Lorelle’s approach on going back to the root cause and work on it instead of just treating the symptoms although her method may take longer time.
Scarlett LiangParent
Sending our son here for functional speech therapy was the best decision ever! His communication skills improve, teachers and even his classmates noticed the progress he made in the classroom. If you wish to maximize your child’s potential, this is really the place to go! Not only they have experienced teachers that are dedicated to improve your child’s academic performance and readiness for primary school, they also provide licensed professionals that can ensure your child’s overall development is on track. Speech delay, can’t focus well at school, can’t sit still, or any learning difficulties, they can help. Apart from that, they also have an amazing playgroup program led by Christina Bradlee, an experienced teacher from US.