inK Learning

School Readiness Programs

Preparatory training for mainstream and children with mild special needs before primary school admission


Tailored for:

Children preparing to go primary or junior school. This is also suitable for children who may require early intervention and specialised training before integration into local mainstream schools.


A child development-led program that focuses primarily on the ability of the child instead of age group. It seeks to adequately prepare children for integration and transition into formal mainstream or special school through:

Language & Literacy – Jolly Phonics & Grammar

inK Learning adopts Jolly Phonics & Grammar as part of our language and literacy program. The multi-sensory Jolly Phonics & Grammar program is child-centred which makes literacy learning fun and easy for our children.

Numeracy – Up Down All Around

This is the latest pre-school Mathematics series published by Marshall Cavendish, an eight-part numeracy series that facilitates deep conceptual understanding and mastery of skills in children during their formative years. It builds on children’s experiences with Math in daily life so learning is meaningful.

Mandarin – Confucius Institute – Nanyang Technological University (CI-NTU)

inK Learning teachers recommends Chinese curriculum developed by CI-NTU for pre-school children in Singapore. This curriculum is in line with Nurturing Early Learners Framework by the Ministry of Education (MOE) which aims to strengthen the Chinese capability of pre-schoolers in Singapore.

Due to the small class size, our teaching team is able to work with the individual child on their academic skill more effectively.
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