inK Focus – inK Learning

inK Focus

1. We create the right learning environment for every child

Believing that “a happy child learns the best” motivates us to constantly enhance our programs with meaningful and engaging experiences in a safe, nurturing and kind environment. Our inclusive focus values exploration over expertise, helping each child reach his or her true potential without an emphasis on mastery.

2. We attend to every child’s personal learning and unique developmental needs.

At inK Learning, the overall well-being of your child comes first. That is why our duty of care begins with a thorough assessment by our child development and teaching teams. This is followed by placing children in classes that enrich their current developmental milestones, even if they do not match the biological age.

15 months to 3 years old Playgroup 1 : 5 (Max 10 in a class)
2.5 to 4 years old Nursery 1 : 5 (Max 10 in a class)
4 to 8 years old School Readiness 1 : 10 (Max 10 in a class)
Pre-primary & Primary Chinese Enrichment



Group (min 2, max 5)

3 to 6 years old Jolly Phonics & Grammer Group (min 2, max 5)
3 to 6 years old Speech & Drama Group (min 2, max 15)

3. We nurture a good relationship with the families of our children

  • Our passionate specialist and teaching teams are in regular consultation with family members to provide constant feedback and nurture conversations about the well-being of each child:


Accessibility is key to sound communication and timely intervention.   Our trained teachers and in-house child development specialists are in regular contact with parents or guardians. We closely monitor our children and act quickly to highlight any concerns.


  • 6-month review and assessment

We conduct assessments for all children followed by a review with parents to discuss the results.

4. We advocate a thorough assessment and early intervention for every possible at-risk scenario

We believe that each child is unique.  We are one of the very few centres in Singapore with a team of professionals including a Speech-Language Pathologist as well as Early Intervention and Special Education Teachers. We have the expertise to offer integrated intervention services such as Speech Therapy, Functional Training, Early Intervention and Special Education.

By providing a comprehensive range of Assessment, Early Intervention, Special Education and Therapy services, we can help families identify and manage learning and developmental challenges of their children.