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Ms Esther Tan

Speech & Drama

Ms Esther graduated from NUS with a major in social work, obtained a Masters in Special Education from NTU in 2016 and ATCL – Teaching, Dip in TESOL.

She has been involved in speech and drama for the past 17 years. Her teaching experiences include Creative Drama to pre-schoolers, preparing students for speech and drama examinations from Trinity Guildhall London, script-writing and directing for mainstream and special school performances and SYF Competitions. Esther has a special affinity in teaching drama to special needs children. Some of the special schools and organisations taught include APSN (Chaoyang School), MINDS, Pathlight, MSIS (Melbourne Specialist International School, VSA (Very Special Arts) and ARC (Autism Resource Centre).

Ms Esther believes that drama is an important learning tool and art form that has no age or social barriers — it should be experienced, shared and enjoyed by all.

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