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Circle Time – What, Why & Observations

Circle Time – What is it?

Circle time is a part of our morning routine at inK Learning. The children and teachers gather together and sit in a circle and greet one another, sing together, listen to one another, share thoughts and build a sense of community.

Circle time as a regular program in school – The Benefits

Circle time is a wonderful opportunity for preschoolers to gain a sense of community, understand the importance of routine, enhance their social skills and improve their attention spans. They sing songs about the weather, the ABC’s, the numbers, the days of the week and the months of the year. All of these songs help enhance children’s learning. Young children learn what it is to participate in a group activity and realize that each child is an important part of that group. Children also learn to pay attention to their teachers and peers during circle time, which helps to develop their listening skills.

Outcome and Observations:

At inK Learning, we have observed improved socialization skills and communication skills amongst our students as a result of having circle time. Each morning we sing “The Welcome Song” where we greet each student by name. The children have learned that each student is a valued member of our school. Now all of the children know each other’s names and also realize when one of their friends is absent from school that day. Children are also learning patience and to take turns with their peers. The children have gained confidence in their ability to speak in front of the group. Many students now raise their hands to tell the teacher the day of the week or what the weather is outside on that particular day.

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