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inK Learning

inK Learning is one of Singapore’s leading child-development focused learning centre with specialised and inclusive programs designed to enrich your child’s developmental milestones and academic skill.

Every child entrusted to inK Learning knows that we advocate for their total development and meet them where they are at — in short, we value exploration over expertise, reaching one’s true potential over mastery.

An effective child developmental-led educational program in an inclusive environment requires a special collaboration between our in-house child development specialists, qualified teachers as well as the families.

Our unique methodology fosters 8 key Experiences tailored to your child’s developmental milestones, instead of biological age:


Our Belief

All of us at inK Learning believes that a happy child learns the best!

Our Vision

Always providing an inclusive environment to nurture kindness in our children.

Our Mission

We realise our vision through:

  • providing a conducive environment for inclusivity to thrive among our young;
  • being role models in every opportunity to exemplify kindness;
  • inculcating value of kindness, respect and love in our children.